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Search engine#

A search engine is an information retrieval system designed to help find information stored on a computer system. The search results are usually presented in a list and are commonly called hits. Search engines help to minimize the time required to find information and the amount of information which must be consulted, akin to other techniques for managing information overload.

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  • Edgesearch: Serverless full-text search with Cloudflare Workers, WebAssembly, and Roaring Bitmaps
  • Fuse.js: A powerful, lightweight fuzzy-search library, with zero dependencies
  • Liqe: Lightweight and performant Lucene-like parser, serializer and search engine
  • Lunr.js: A small, full-text search library for use in the browser.
  • Lyra: Fast, in-memory, typo-tolerant, full-text search engine written in TypeScript
  • Meilisearch: An open-source, lightning-fast, and hyper-relevant search engine
  • Quickwit: An open-source, cloud-native, distributed search engine for log management and analytics
  • Semantic Code Search: Search your codebase with natural language
  • Tantivy: A full-text search engine library inspired by Apache Lucene and written in Rust